About Almería

"Almeria - Europe's hidden paradise - a gem on the sunniest cost of Spain" was the New York Times’s recent description.

Welcome to the sunniest place in Europe with a unique dry and healthy climate. Here your skin can soak up the sun during three thousand sun hours a year, more than any other part of the Mediterranean.

Here we have a varied lifestyle to complement the climate. How about a round of golf in the morning, skiing in the Sierra Nevada after lunch and then finishing with a swim off one of the many sandy beaches before dinner. This could be your day! The coast, which is amply supplied with water from the snow-capped mountains of Sierra Nevada, contrasts with a beautiful and impressive desert landscape between the sea and the snow. Only a few miles from the sea from reach mainland Europe’s only desert, which you might recognise from the many Client Eastwood films that were filmed there.

 Visitors will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of things this province has to offer; not only sun, beautiful beaches and crystal-clear water, but also the natural beauty of Cabo de Gata and Sierra Nevada. Active tourism in Almería has risen rapidly in recent years, such as golf, cycling, hiking, surfing and scuba diving. Many national team in cycling and triathlon do their winter training here because of the warm climate. 

To find historical treasures you only have to go to Almería city, such as Roman baths and the Alacazaba. But just a short-day trip away you find the impressive cities and architecture of Cordoba and Granada. The long cultural history is still kept throughout the cities many alleys and you can attend a large number of popular fiestas, such as Fería de Almería. The history and culture is still very much alive!

Here you find real tapas prepared using the recipes handed down through many years of culinary tradition. Which easlity makes you forget both lunch and dinner, you just never stop eating! Cosy bars in narrow alleys serve a delicious variety of tapas that makes both you, and your wallet, happy. Did you know that Almería region is one of the few regions in Spain that still serves FREE tapas with every drink? As it has always meant to be! 

A dry and healthy climate for body and soul, for those with skin, muscle and joint disorders, asthmatics and pollen allergies, Almería is one of the best places to live in!

 With its own international airport in Almeria City as well as close to Murcia, Alicante and Malaga Airports, you are no problems getting here. And a soon completed fast-train line between Madrid-Alicante-Almeria that will make the transfer from the airports even quicker.  

Almería still has amongst the lowest real estate prices on the Spanish coast, in addition to low living costs, low property taxes and low crime.

Welcome to the hidden paradise just around the corner!

If you are looking for property in Spain that has the prospect of future increases in value, you should have a look at Costa de Almeria.

Each place in the province has its own charm and quirks, but what they all have in common is that you will find your home at a price that is significantly lower than similar properties on the Spanish coast, which makes a safe investment.


25km south of Roquetas de Mar you find Almerimar, which has been on the golfers’ “must visit” holiday map for nearly 30 years. The relaxing atmosphere has attracted thousands of golfers looking for the ultimate golf destination. Here you live comfortably with the golf course on one side and the marina, bordered by the long sandy beach, on the other. In Almerimar marina, one of Europe's largest with 1,800 berths, there are shops, cafes, restaurants and bars. The area is ideal for an evening walk before or after dinner. All you need within walking distance.

Roquetas de Mar/Aguadulce

Many who have visited Almeria over the years have also visited Roquetas de Mar, the favourite destination of many tour operators. The city, with its 90,000 inhabitants, is a lively Spanish town with a beautiful fifteen-kilometre-long sandy beach and marina. Everything you need is here. Swimming and sunbathing, of course, but also a shopping mall, restaurants, spectacular golf courses, a high-quality health system, good communication, fiestas and open and helpful people. Just a one-hour drive will take you to the ski slopes of the Sierra Nevada and it only takes you 15-25 minutes by bus to the capital city of Almeria which is famous for its amazing tapas bars in quaint narrow alleys. Roquetas de Mar is rightly very proud of their 18-hole golf course, Playa Serena. Another championship quality course is La Envia, located only a few minute’s drive away in a beautiful mountain valley.

Almería City

Almería City is a lively but also clean and safe harbour town with many Moorish influences. From here cruise ships go to Africa and Spanish islands. Elegant shopping streets mixed with quaint cheap shops and tapas bars in the old town makes this to an mix of culture and colours. There are several nice beaches and many attractions like cathedrals, churches and the castle of Alcazaba to experience.

Cabo de Gata

North of Almeria city, along the coast, you will find the National Park of Cabo de Gata, which is one of Spain's most stunning natural reserves. Those who like diving or snorkelling will find here a protected marine life rich with colourful fishes in crystal-clear waters that keeps an agreeable water temperature for much of the year. There are several small Moorish villages with their narrow alleys and white houses. Here you will find the romantic blend of amazing views and a quiet, relaxed lifestyle.

San Jose

This quiet old fishing town located around a shallow bay on the southern edge of the Cabo de Gata and is conveniently located just 30-minute drive from Almeria is a Mecca for the artist community. San Jose provides a nice alternative to mass tourism resorts with a good beach and nice little restaurants.


Carboneras is the largest village in the Cabo de Gata National Park. A lovely village with eight thousand inhabitants, with many beautiful beaches and a large marina with tour boats and fishing boats. Here you will find very old Spanish culture to experience along the many hiking trails.


Mojácar is one of Spain's most attractive destinations, famous for its beach bars with daily live music and great food. Mojácar Playa stretches seventeen kilometers along the Mediterranean Sea with many wonderful sandy beaches. Mojácar Pueblo, chosen as one of Spain's most beautiful villages, is a 4000-year-old town located on a hill two kilometers from the sea. Here you will find labyrinths of narrow alleys full of small shops, cafés bars and restaurants. Mojácar city has preserved its strong Moorish influence and charm.


Between Mojácar and Vera Playa you find this charming little town of Garrucha with its beautiful beach promenade, boat harbours and sandy beaches right in the centre of the town. A lively fishing village famous for its gambas with many cafés, bars and restaurants where you can enjoy the coast's excellent seafood dishes.

Vera / Vera Playa

It is said that Hannibal’s elephants landed on Vera's magnificent beaches. Vera is a beautiful village, situated on a hill and surrounded by ancient walls. It has grand and elegant buildings from the 1500s. Vera Playa is located at the centre of a 9-km long beach between the small and picturesque harbour village Villaricos in the north and the larger fishing port Garrucha in the south. Nearby, two wonderful golf resort, beautiful Valle del Este and tour course, Desert Spring.


The charming little village of Villaricos is built along a beautiful promenade with two marinas at each end. Outside the village there is a nine-kilometer-long sandy beach with several beach bars that extend past Vera Playa until Garrucha.

San Juan de los Terreros

This lovely Spanish village is located just on the end of the Andalusian border in the north. The area can be characterized as the last paradise with its 14 km of golden sandy beaches and surrounded by beautiful mountains. Nearby you have the popular golf courses El Aguilon. and Lorca. Just over an hour to Alicante airport and one hour to Almeria airport. And just 10 minutes away from the lively city of Àguilas.


Àguilas with its 35,000 inhabitants is a typical Mediterranean town with two large beaches divided by a large beautiful castle from the Middle Ages. The city has wonderful architecture, cobbled alleys with many nice little squares and marinas with quality restaurants. The street life in the city is full of shops and tapas bars. In the outskirts of town there are modern shopping centers. Famous around the whole of Spain for its Carneval, a must see!