If you want to rent or rent out a home, why not hire a professional realtor!

Real Almería Property has started a close collaboration with Miranda Vogan, a professional rental agent. We work in the same office under the same brand with slightly different focus on property operations. This means that Ingrid, Birger and Pilar can now refer customers who own or buy properties a safe and secure way of earning income when they do not use it for their own part.

For investors, developers and builders of residential real estate, this also means that Real Almeria Property can now offer a complete service for acquisitions, sales and leasing. A number of valuation institutes, including AEV, predict a sharp rise in housing prices in Spain in 2020 and many others that Almería will be a strong future region.

Do you want to rent a home?

With Miranda at RealAlmeriaPropertyRentals you have the opportunity to safely, securely and legally rent from a large selection of fine homes on the Costa Almería, from the beach-close, inland location to close to golf courses. Start your search on this website or if you would like suggestions, call +34 634 316 068 or send an email to [email protected] with your requirements.

Do you want to rent out your home?

Miranda Vogan is a professional rental agent and will help you with everything needed to safely and securely rent out your private home. Miranda is authorized and fully legal to rent out your property . Contact her on tel +34 634 316 068 or send an email to [email protected] and tell us about your home.

Unless the property is registered for rent today, a license is usually required for rental. To apply for the license, the residence must have all the necessary documentation and meet certain requirements. We can help you with orders and purchases as well as all documentation and permits for the housing that is needed at a fixed price.

Once your home is registered, you must also declare the rental income. When you rent through RealAlmeriaProperty, we provide you with a declaration basis for the mandatory declarations. We also have a partner here at Parque Comercial in Mojácar who can help you with the annual declaration of the property and the rental at a good price.

 Rules for renting your property in Andalucia

For rental of rural housing, a person who owns at least three homes within one kilometer, only rents out for more than two months or rents out to more than fifteen people in the same residence, other legislation applies. However, since most owners of private homes rent out both long and short term, a license has been required since 2016.

Newly built properties must comply with prevailing national and regional laws regarding security, health regulations, laws that affect people with disabilities, etc.

Rooms must be properly ventilated, and equipped with curtains or blinds, if necessary. The rooms should be equipped with a proportionate number of furniture for their size

Between May and September there should be A / C in every bedroom and living room, portable units are not approved. When the homes are rented out between October and April, they must be equipped with heating.

There are also a number of requirements that are easier to fulfill, such as a First Aid Kit to be found in the home and several other practical details.

It is also important to keep in mind that a high standard of housing, furniture and equipment will result in higher incomes. A nice and well-equipped home with stylish furniture means both higher rent and less vacancies. We can give you advice on what may be important for your particular home to increase your income.